When you're a small company, affording everything that keeps your business growth at optimum levels can be quite a challenge. From wages to services to just keeping the lights on, running a small business takes a daily effort. So what happens when your company needs affordable computer service? WorldEdge Technology's help desk services can help with just that, and not only are our services professional, but affordable too.

We provide many things to assist your company. When you have problems with anything computer related, we're on standby to solve your problems immediately and without charging you monstrous fees to do so. When you need assistance with network and PC issues, software support, or virus removal, WorldEdge Technology is here to help you.

WorldEdge Technology's tech support doesn't end there. Here are a few more excellent benefits:

  • An incredible knowledge base – We can help you with just about anything computer related, and when we can't, we'll find someone who can
  • Increased productivity – With significantly reduced downtime, you'll see an increase in how much work gets done by your employees
  • More available capital – Because you're not paying us to be there full time, we reduce your IT costs significantly, leaving capital available for other projects

So if you need quality help desk services in Southern California, contact WorldEdge Technology today to find out more.

Guidance/Consulting From An Assigned IT Consultant
We don’t believe in bouncing you around from person to person. WorldEdge Technology will assign you the IT consultant who will best meet your requirements. Your consultant will be well versed in all areas of our IT Services and give you the best solutions for your company’s needs. Let our consultants help with the design, procurement, configuration, messaging solutions, and more for your clients. WorldEdge Technology will teach you to fully understand each function of your services so that you can continue to support your client when we aren’t there. Call or email today and see how we can get you set up with a certified IT consultant now!

Technical Support
Whether by email, website, or live support, WorldEdge Technology has your back. We provide technical support for when your technology seems to go on the fritz. From the time you call we will diagnose the problem and figure out a cost effective solution for you. We know your business is important and that crashes can put a wrench in your workday or week. With us, you can rest assured that we’ll get your business back on track as quickly as possible, guaranteed.

PC Repair & Laptop Repair
If your computer is running slow, won’t turn on, or has crashed, then let us take a look. We’ll work to resolve critical issues that can cause computer sluggishness and result in system crashes. From data recovery, updates, and virus removal to software installation, WorldEdge Technology has San Diego’s PC and laptop repair needs covered. Give us as a call today and see how we can get your computer up and running.

Server Maintenance
When you’re looking for someone to ensure that your network runs as efficiently as possible, then you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we keep your server up and running, we ensure that it operates smoothly. We use preventative maintenance to catch problems before they happen. When not maintained properly, a system server crash may lead to total or partial network failure. This makes it vital to keep your server well maintained from the onset. Let WorldEdge Technology’s server maintenance plan keep your network running and free of crashes.

Network Maintenance
Similar to our Server Maintenance Service, our Network Maintenance Service keeps your servers up and running smoothly. We work to spot problems before they affect you or any other users. WorldEdge Technology’s Network Maintenance Services keep track of resources within the network. We will perform timely repairs, upgrades as needed, and perform any reconfiguring that offers support to any one of the services you require. Our Network Maintenance team will ensure that any general “house-keeping” is done in a timely manner. We make it our priority to make sure that your services stay up and running without a hitch.

Multi-Site Network Implementation and Maintenance
Available through WordPress, Multi-Site Network is the go-to feature for businesses looking to run multiple sites off of one single installation. We’ll get you set up with Mult-Site Networking, allowing you to manage and control your various sites from one installation. This will provide you with a stress-free and low hassle experience. Your Multi-Site Network will allow for easier control of your websites, plug-ins to be shared across sites, and theme implementations to be made to multiple sites at one time. Better still, WorldEdge Technology will stick around and offer support as needed.

VPN (Virtual Private Networking)
VPN, or Virtual Private Networking, provides a secure and encrypted pathway between remote users and your company’s network. It is ideal for companies who transmit confidential information via the Internet. VPNs will allow your company complete control over who is capable of accessing your information. Start protecting your company’s online activity and identity. Prevent outside parties from accessing your private information by getting set up with our Virtual Private Networking services today.

Remote Access
Remote Access gives your employees the ability to access your network from a remote location. A host for your company’s network, Remote Access dials directly into your company’s main network. This allows your employees to access documents from your secure network from any location. WorldEdge Technology will help get your computers set up with the appropriate Remote Access software and a VPN. This will maintain that all files remain encrypted and secure as they travel across the Internet.

Wifi Maintenance
Wifi, or wireless networking technology, is what allows users to use their laptops, Ipads, Iphones, and more from remote locations. Using a router, your Wifi relies solely on connections made through the network, meaning that when that network fails, so does your Internet. Luckily, WorldEdge Technology knows what it takes to keep your Wifi working and in top condition. If you’re experiencing spotty Wifi and don’t know why, then it may be time to give us a call. We’ll look at your Wifi from top to bottom and ensure that it continues working for years to come.

Router and Ethernet Switches Management & Maintenance
Routers and Ethernet switches are key to ensuring functionality within your business. Our team will help manage your router and Ethernet switch, while providing Wifi and network maintenance. Your company won’t experience any downtime as a result of a crash. Call us today and see how we can get you set up with a router or Ethernet switch, and watch your business’s productivity increase as a result.

Video Conferencing
Ideal for businesses, video conferencing allows your employees to engage in conference room meetings around the globe from the comfort of their office. Capable of handling multiple calls from various locations, our video conferencing services can connect numerous callers at one time. As a result, you will help increase your business’s productivity at low costs to you.